Staff Information


Quality patient care at our hospital would not be possible without our dedicated staff. Our team puts patients at the center and serves the patients & community with commitment and skill, blending compassion with knowledge.

Category of StaffApproved CadreIn position Category of StaffApproved CadreIn position
Update on 31st December 2017Total22502037
Medical Administrator (Sen. Gr)11Development Assistant/Officer6/151/15
Medical Administrator (Dep Gr)10ICT Assistant82
Medical Consultants4040Public Management Assistant3529
Consultant Dental Surgeon33Medical Record Assistant21
Medical Officer236179Generator Operator 10
Dental Surgeon1719Diet Stewards44
Administrative Officer11Public Coordinating Assistant22
Accountant11House Warden55
Medical Physicist11Ward Clerk1010
Registered Medical Officer01Hospital Overseer108
Nursing Officer (Grade I/IIA & IIB)650609Psychiatric Social Workers40
Nursing Sister/Masters4236Hospital Attendants145140
Special Grade MLT10Health Driver2223
Medical Laboratory Technologist3532Telephone Operator44
Special Grade Pharmacist11Lift Operator79
Pharmacist3734Plant Operator10
Opthalmic Technologist76Technical Officer (Electrical)11
Nutritionist10Technical Officer (Civil)10
Physiotherapist1413Plumber/Pump Machine Operator11
Occupational Therapist53Seamstress54
ECG Technologist107Carpenter11
EEG Recordist22Orthopedic Technician/Surgical Appliance Maker/Shoe Maker63
Dental Technician21Lab Orderly1313
Audiology Technician22Health Assistant (Ordinary/Junior)720134/567
Speech Therapist21Book Binder10
Midwife4230Electro Medical Technician10
Orthostic & Prosthetic Technician20Welder10
Public Health Laboratory Technician21-
Public Health Inspector11-