Allocated Staff

01 Medical Officer, 02 Nursing Officer,1 Health Assistant

Our Vision

A safer Health care environment through the prevention and control of hospital associated infection.


Room No 29, Down Floor, Old OPD Premises

Our Mission

Providing knowledge, attitudes, practices and training based on standard precautions to minimize the health care associated infections for the advancement of the safe health care environment.


  • Maintain standard precautions and general infection control activities at in the hospital.
  • Prevention and control of health care associated infections
  • Specialized infection control activities such as theatre commissioning, designing and expert microbiological advice on designing specialized and other units spore test sampling.
  • Healthcare associated infections (HAI) surveillance
  • Training staff and patients
  • Conducting infection control audits and related research
  • Accidental exposure reporting and management
  • Vaccination of patients and staff members
  • Epidemiological services, notification, dengue e. surveillance, dengue sentinel site surveillance, ILI surveillance, AFP surveillance
  • Outbreak detection and management
  • Representing National advisory committee on infection control at the Ministry of Health
  • Implementing guidelines & protocols
  • Carryout the Programme set out by IPC committee
  • Regular visits to all wards and units
  • Monitor and manage incidents related to IPC(outbreaks, waste)
  • Maintain of infection control registers
Standard Precaution
Hand hygiene Personal Protective Equipment Sharp safety and safe injection practices Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipment Environmental cleaning and disinfection Linen management Waste management
Audit and surveillance
Hand washing audits Laboratory sample surveillance ILI surveillance
Formal and informal training
Inward infection prevention programs (SICU, MICU, ORTHOPAEDIC, DU) Awareness programs for nurses, junior staff, and cleaning service. MRSA decolonization education
Special infection control activities
Hand hygiene Vaccination (Hepatitis, Covid vaccines) Notification of communicable diseases, education of patients, regarding of prevention of Dengue, hepatitis, dysentery etc.. Air quality testing in PBU, COVID ICU, EYE THEATRE. Microbiological screening of SICU culture samples. Testing Spore Test Samples in Autoclave machines ( wd04,wd08, wd09, wd11, wd12, wd13, wd24, wd25, OPD, OT,A, OTC, OTB,OT EYE,OMF)
Outbreak management
Hand washing audits Improving outbreak prevention skills among health care workers Covid vaccination PCR/RAT testing
Preparing guidelines with the coordination of MO-infection control and Microbiologist.
Regular ward round with MO-infection control and Consultant microbiologist
Maintaining statistics