First Ever Kidney Transplant in Uva Province

A successful live donor kidney transplantation was performed for the first time in history of UVA province on 27th October 2019 at Provincial General Hospital, Badulla.
Dr Udana Ratnapala, Consultant Nephrologist at PGH Badulla mentioned that a patient with end stage renal failure who underwent haemodialysis for 9 months at Badulla hospital was transplanted successfully with the kidney donated by his cousin brother.
A transplant workup committee comprising 13 Consultants have studied and concluded the feasibility of performing transplants in the hospital prior to this important event.
After succesful completion of multiple tests evaluating immunological matching and surgical fitness, the kidney was transplanted to the recepient A.H.M Ismath( 41) after the retrieval from donor, M. Rinaz(39) . Both patients made full recovery with restoration of normal kidney function of the recepient.
The donor kidney retrieval and transplantation surgeries were performed by the surgical team lead by Dr Niroshan Atulugama, Consultant Surgeon at PGH Badulla with the guidance and supervision of Dr Ruvan Dissanayake, Consultant Transplant Surgeon, NHSL , Colombo. Dr Dhammika Chandrasiri and Dr Prabath Dayaratna, Consultant Anaesthetists with Theatre staff had facilitated the surgical procedure.
The transplant program was carried under the support and guidance of Dr Upul Karunaratne, Director, PGH Badulla and Dr Ranjith Amarakoon, Deputy director of the institute.

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