Other Services

Health Education Unit

Infection Control Unit

Quality Management Unit

Medical Statistics & IT Resource Center


The unit is supposed to be involved in hospital statistical data handling and in maintaining human resource management database. In addition to its primary functions ,it also maintains and updates the hospital website on regular basis. The unit is equipped with internet facility enabling to take advantage of new technology and to prepare for the replacement of the legacy patient management and address educational needs of health workers.

Transport Service


Our Ambulance Service consisting of 10 ambulances, will provide transport facility to transfer patients to specialized Institutions and operates 24 hours a day / seven days a week.

* The ICU ambulance is fully equipped with medical equipment to ensure the best possible care is provided in emergency situations.

* Two Vans-one to transport patients for clinic referrals to NHSL / TH Kandy

* Three Lorries to transport drugs, medical gases and other supplies from MSD / BES.

* A Car for official work – transport facility for consultants for outreach clinics ..etc

* A cab for Director’s official work

* A three wheeler to transport within hospital/office work

Bio Medical Unit


This unit employs BES-Colombo trained technical personnel qualified by experience and training to be in charge of unit. Medical equipment are being tested and maintained in accordance with the specifications from the manufacturer. it is under the supervision of the BES-Colombo.

Maintenance Unit


Maintenance unit is responsible to ensure that hospital buildings, furniture, equipment and grounds are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and in good repair at all times for the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors.

Waste Disposal

In recent years, the management of hospital waste poses to be a major problem with the appearance of disposable needles, syringes, and other similar items, but we have been able to overcome the problem, despite high volumes of waste generated by large number of patients and visitors using the hospital facilities, by implementation of the standard guidelines.

The hospital is also blessed with functioning sewerage disposal plant continuously maintained by the Government Building Department.

Central Linen Supplies Department


Central Linen Supplies Department serves to cater quality linen, folded gauze and cotton to the entire hospital uninterruptedly and also to satisfy the increasing demand with the opening of new units. Shifting these activities from units to the CLSD has helped to relieve unnecessary workload from ward staff and will ensure optimal system efficiency by maintaining quality while reducing costs.



Effective communication is one of the critical success factors of modern organizations. Our telephone exchange has been installed with four direct lines while connecting to all departments & units.

However with the increasing demand and frequent breakdowns, it has been considered to replace the existing old-fashion system with a modern system.

 Dietary Service


Dietary service functions under the direction of are two diet- stewardesses with the supervision of nursing sisters and Raw items for cooking are supplied by contractors.

 Sanitary Service


Hospital contracts with an outside service private company for housekeeping services and this offers services to maintain a clean, safe, sanitary, and healthful environment in the hospital. Supervisors : 07 / Total Number of Workers : 154 (Day 135, Night 19)