Name of the ConsultantSpecialty
1Dr. Chathuri LiynapathiranaConsultant Physician (VP OPD)
2Dr R.P BandusiriConsultant Physician
3Dr. W.T.P GunasekaraConsultant Physician
4Dr. N.P MuthumalaConsultant Physician
5Dr S.M.T.G.P MendisConsultant Paediatrician
6Dr. A.M.R.D SenarathnaConsultant Paediatrician
7Dr (Mrs) S.A.C IroshiniConsultant Pediatrician
8Dr.K.D Hanwella (WD 03)Consultant Obsterics & Gynecology
9Dr R.M.A K RathnayakaConsultant Obsterics & Gynecology
10Dr.D.A.K.N DunusingheConsultant Surgeon
11Dr. H.M.A.K JayawardhanaConsultant Surgeon
12Dr. M.C MedagamaConsultant Anesthetist
13Dr W.M.S.D ChadrasiriConsultant Anesthetist
14Dr. M.G.M.A.R SiriwardanaConsultant Psychiatrist
15Dr. K.H WalgamaConsultant Psychiatrist
16Dr (Mrs) S.GodevidanageConsultant Neurologist
17Dr.Z. H.M.D.P.K SenavirathnaConsultant Cardiologist
18Dr. M.ChenthuranConsultant Clinical Oncologist
19Dr. L.V AbeynayakeConsultant Clinical Oncologist
20Dr. N.L.A DissanayakaConsultant Respiratory Physician
21Dr.U.D.S ChandanaConsultant Radiologist
22Dr W.M.U.M WeerasingheConsultant Radiologist
23Dr. J.L.S.M JayawardenaConsultant Pathologist
24Dr (Mrs) L.S SenarathConsultant Hematologist
25Dr S.K DinapalaConsultant Microbiology
26Dr. S.S AnanthiConsultant Dermatologist
27Dr.S.P.DissanayakeConsultant Rheumatologist
28Dr M.D.S Renuka (A)Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
29Dr. S.R AlmedaConsultant Orthopedic Surgeon
30Dr. R.L GunawardenaConsultant Orthopedic Surgeon
31Dr. (Miss) Subashi SamarasingheConsultant Eye Surgeon
32Dr.S.R PushpakumaraConsultant Neuro Surgeon
33Dr. K.MendisConsultant Onco Surgeon
34Dr P.P.G.K HareendraConsultant GU Surgeon
35Dr (Mrs) M.A.S.L WijesingheConsultant ENT Surgeon
36Dr P.W.C.L.S WadugeConsultant JMO
37Dr S.R.B De SilvaConsultant Transfusion Physcian
38Dr. A.M.W.C AbeykoonConsultant Orthodontist
39Dr.C. AthukoralaConsultant OMF Surgeon
40Dr. J.P ThinnarachchiConsultant Nephrologist
41M.H SamarasingheConsultant Gastroenterology Surgeon
42Dr.H.S.WijewanthaConsultant Gastroenterologist
43Dr. W.S.T SuwarnasiriConsultant Endocrinologist
44Dr. R.M.R.L KulasekaraConsultant Restorative Dentistry