Statistics Graph (Last Update : 7th April 2020)

Admitted to Isolation Ward :- 33 Patients
Sample Collected :- 29 Patients
Sample Positive & Trasfet to IDH :- 1 Patients

Sample Negative :- 28 Patients
Sample Pending :- 0 Patients
In ward Patients :- 0 Patients

7th April 2020 COVID-19 Situational Report

COVID-19 Guidelines and Related Circulars

DescriptionDownload LinkDate
Related Epidemiology Unit CircularsRead More-
Environmental Cleaning Guidelines to be used during the COVID-19 outbreakDownload2020-03-16
Interim guidline for field maternal and child care services during the outbreak of COVID-19 infectionDownload2020-03-17
Arrangement-of-Hospital Wards , OPD & Management of COVID-19 PatientsDownload2020-03-22
Access to PGHB Google Drive to Download
Click Here to Google Drive2020-04-01