We provide a wide-range of curative and preventative healthcare expertise for inpatients ,outpatients, and outreach patients including emergency, surgical, medical and modern diagnostic facilities. Overview of our clinical and auxiliary services are summarized as follows

Medical/Surgical Departments 
Medical-General3 Units
Pediatric2 Units
Gynecology & Obstetrics2 Units
Surgical-General3 Units
Neurology/Stoke Care1 Unit
Neurosurgery1 Unit
Nephrology & Transplant1 Unit
Dermatology1 Unit
Psychiatry1 Unit
Oncology1 Unit
Onco-Surgery1 Unit
Cardiology1 Unit
Respiratory Medicine1 Unit
Opthalmology1 Unit
ENT1 Unit
Orthopedic1 Unit
Genito-Urinary1 Unit
Rheumatology1 Unit
Neonatology1 Unit
Thalassemia1 Unit
Anesthesia1 Unit
Blood Bank1 Unit
Judicial Medicine1 Unit
Facio-Maxillary (OMF)1 Unit
Emergency Care Services 
Medical - ICU1 Unit
Surgical - ICU1 Unit
Cardiac - ICU1 Unit
High Dependency Unit1 Unit
Emergence Treatment1 Unit
Operating Theaters 
Operation Theater-A1 Unit
Operation Theater-B1 Unit
Operation Theater-C1 Unit
Eye Theater1 Unit
Diagnostic Departments 
Radiology1 Unit
Pathology1 Unit
Hematology1 Unit
Microbiology1 Unit
Biochemistry1 Unit
Out Patient Departments 
OPD1 Unit
VP-OPD Clinic1 Unit
Dental-OPD1 Unit
Orthodontic 1 Unit
Support Service 
Quality Management1 Unit
Health Education1 Unit
Infection Control1 Unit
Planning Unit1 Unit
Information Technology1 Unit
Health Information1 Unit
Maintenance Unit1 Unit
Bio-Medical Unit1 Unit
Central Linen Supply1 Unit
Hospital Dietary1 Unit
Sanitary Service1 Unit
Transport Service1 Unit
Other Clinical Services
2D Echo
Cardiac Pacing falities
Halter Monitoring
EEG Services
Physiotherapy Service
Speech Therapy Service
Occupational Therapy Service
Audiology Service
Radiotherapy Units
Outreach Services
Satellite Psychiatry Clinics Weekly
Satellite Neurology Clinics Weekly
Satellite Laboratory Service
Diabetic Screening Clinic
Medical Clinic at Elders's Home Monthly
Satellite Eye Clinic
Satellite ENT Clinic
Satellite Neurosurgery Clinic
Thalassemia Screening
Satellite Oncology Clinic