Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive

Esophageal cancer is the commonest male cancer in Sri Lanka and is one of the commonest cancers found in Uva Province .

Being a solid tube which spans 3 regions of the body (the neck, the torax and the abdomen removal of the esophagus  is considered as one of the very major operations in surgery.

The perioperative mortality for open esophegectomy  is around 10% in the best of centers .this high periop mortality is mainly due to pulmonary complications .

Around the world the commonest method of esophagectomy is by means of open surgery .only few centers around the world perform minimally invasive (thoracolaparoscopic esophegctomy ) radical surgery for esophegal cancer .

Dr.Anuruddha Thewarapperuma consultant cancer surgeon of Badulla hospital performed Sri Lanka’s first 3 field radical thoracolaparoscopic esophegctomy on an elderly  female patient recently .

The over all time taken for surgery was 6 hours , blood loss was 300ml .

The recovery of the patient was rapid compared to the open surgery .

The second thoracolaproscopic surgery was also performed 2 weeks after the first one on a male patient.

The time taken for the second operation was 4 hours inspite it was an advanced tumour .blood loss was minimum .

The second patient is currently recovering .

Dr. Thewarapperuma states that he is in dire need of surgical equipment known as en-seal which would enable him to perform this surgery in a minimum time with least complications .he also says that minimally invasive esophagectomy should replace conventional esophgeal surgery done in Sri Lanka .as it is a relatively easy ,less time consuming operation once the operator gets significant experience