Department of Onco Surgery

Dr. K. Mendis, Consultant Onco Surgeon

Oncosurgery division of our hospital caters not only patients in uva province but patients from adjacent some districts. The unit resides in the cancer complex which is equipped with clinical oncology unit, onco operating theatre and onco intensive care unit.

 Onco surgery is a division which deals with surgical management of cancers. Surgery was the earliest and most time-tested treatment modality for wide range of cancers. Surgical management of cancers requires extensive and complicated procedures, which are technically challenging and time consuming.

Onco Surgical Data

 Major Intermediate Minor 
Year 20081204679925
Year 2009000000
Year 201012310458166
Year 201119561685680
Year 2012205814512541
Year 20131902115014959
Year 2014268231144614
Year 2015241238748310
Year 201676102110225
Year 20171514756123912
Year 2018180180142
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