Department of OMF Surgery

Dr.C.Athukorala, Consultant OMF Surgeon

 The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMF) operates inpatient care in the new ward & clinic complex building with other two dental units namely orthodontics unit and dental OPD. OMF Clinic located at the OPD Building performs significant number of minor surgical procedures in addition to their routine work.

OMF Surgical Data

 Major Intermediate Minor 
Year 20081501267225907
Year 200915671611208416
Year 201012062014261998
Year 201172038162921007
Year 201212029710397944
Year 2013154216546001333
Year 201417521687671834
Year 2015145113573459745
Year 2016313612377418
Year 201719561234461801
Year 2018163012805871092