Laboratory Service

Dr.L.N.Wijethunge , Consultant Histo Pathologist

Dr. (Mrs) L.S Senarath, Consultant Hematologist

Dr S.K Dinapala, Consultant Microbiologist

Dr (Mrs) Dulani Jayawardana, Consultant Chemical Pathologist.

The laboratory service at PGH Badulla is the largest of its kind in the province and the Laboratory is staffed 24/7 to support inpatient care and outpatient services and provides a wide variety of tests to diagnose and monitor diseases.

In addition to the services provided to the hospital, our laboratory extends the satellite services to peripheral hospitals of the province in order to strengthen the laboratory facilities of them and we have achieved the desired goals of launching the project.

 The laboratory at PGH Badulla comprises of four divisions and each division is headed by consultant. We warmly welcome the consultant chemical pathologist newly appointed to our laboratory further strengthening the capacity of its services.

 Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016
Special Hematology574659367313837738431248155810591527
Clinical Pathology4340544173556073870554604305803775122718827342
Number of FNAC435751004334797793322077194615791736
Histology Specimen8967811279329803103579444109592489521740
Specimens - To MRI78572049752046242848920802370