Emergency Treatment Unit

Dr. W.M.U.B.B Wanisundara , Consultant Act Resident Physician

We deliver emergency and acute care around-the-clock for patients experiencing serious acute illness or traumatic injuries. Our emergency treatment unit offers assessment and initial treatment to critically ill patients, including treatment of cardiac problems as well as respiratory problems, overdoses /poisoning, bites and stings.

The contribution of the ETU in minimizing inward admissions is admirable and this has been successfully achieved mainly through RTU & by performing Minor surgical procedures .

In addition to management of critically ill patients, Emergency treatment unit provides following services.

Divisions of the ETU

1. Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis through Rabies treatment unit

2. Minor surgical procedures (e.g. suturing)

3. Benzathine Penicillin prophylaxis through Injection room

4. Surgical dressing care through dressing room

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