Department of Oncology

Dr. M.Chenthuran, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr L.V Abeynayake, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

The Cancer Center at PGH Badulla strives to be the leading regional provider of comprehensive cancer care services to improve both the quality of life and the health status of cancer patients. The Department offers a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services to help patients navigate the steps from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and survivorship.

Radiotherapy Unit


Radiotherapy unit offers services as a part of the multidisciplinary approach for comprehensive management of cancer with an objective of cure or with intent to give relief of some distressing symptoms .The unit, headed by consultant oncologist, offers optimal radiotherapy using available facilities.

ChemotherapyYear 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018
Number of Fields1739842121221873
Number of Patients216133423256




Number of Doses9040130851269714878104351821018099
Number of Patients871828930

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