Department of Cardiology

Dr.Z. Jamaldeen, Consultant Cardiologist

The Cardiology Department provides a diagnostic and treatment service for patients referred with heart diseases. The service comprises outpatient facilities, inpatient provision, a comprehensive range of non-invasive investigational facilities [e.g. 2D ECHO, Halter monitoring / exercise ECG], invasive procedures [e.g. pericardial aspiration] and range of interventional cardiology procedures [e.g. insertion of TPM]

The Department caters for patients from Uva and adjacent provinces and has a   5 bed ICCU, a 4 bed Intermediate facility and a 20 bed ward.

Cardiology department conducts four different types of clinics including cardiac rehabilitation clinic (especially for patients with myocardial infarction) and heart failure clinic.


Outdoor Patients543856514933599661817093735774203509
Indoor Patients347632891851374941524384490337021805
Patients (Total)8914894067849745103231149712287111545349

Normal ECG

Outdoor Patients1892023352984613422146271459314160

Indoor Patients203982287837317455584342242296390004335727114
Patients (Total)393184623047163589805804956889531606516642036

Exercies ECG

Outdoor Patients285232128192175369245
Indoor Patients275203246280309254553474332
Patients (Total)560435374472484623783573332

Halter Monitoring

Halter Monitoring241209115210322254577374256