Department of Dental-OPD

Dr. A.J.B Croos, Dental Surgeon in Charge

The Outpatient department of dentistry of PGH Badulla has been providing its various services to the community and we have achieved almost all the treatment facilities to provide good oral and dental health care to the community

 Achieving healthy smiles is a team effort that involves the orthodontist, the patient, and as needed, other specialists. The orthodontist provides the expertise, the treatment plan, and the techniques to straighten teeth and align the jaws. Orthodontic treatment is not quick and requires a commitment from each patient.

 Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012
Clinic Visits (Total)197402181823246
Clinic Visit (First)175771823120764
Extractions - Deciduous648870587
Extractions - Permanent500825657041
Restoration - Temporary187623962442
Restoration (Permanent)/Amulgum225826523245
Restoration - GIC/Composite3696441231
Adv. Restoration Root Canal Rx248429494