Anesthesiology & ICU

Dr J.M Abeynarayana, Consultant Anesthetist

Dr W.M.S.D Chadrasiri, Consultant Anesthetist

Our hospital has Surgical &Medical Intensive Care Units which provide advanced, personalized care for patients. Surgical ICU is situated near the surgical complex enabling easy access in an emergency situation.

Our 3-bed HDU is for patients with conditions that do not need intensive care, but do require specialized monitoring, nursing and resources.

Surgical & Medical ICU

 AdmissionInpatient DaysBOR 2010ADOS
Surgical ICU
Year 20084621679923.6
Year 20094471654913.7
Year 201044018411014.2
Year 201147020341114.3
Year 201262022401023.6
Year 2015696243594.643.4
Year 2016503247598.2156.53
Year 2017544205981.713.92
Medical ICU
Year 20082041343926.6
Year 20092391299895.4
Year 20102661356935.1
Year 20112971156793.9
Year 20122331374945.9
Year 2015292134893.661.6
Year 2016207134993.6862.58
Year 20173681599111111