Anesthesiology & ICU

Dr M.C Madagama, Consultant Anesthetist

Dr W.M.S.D Chadrasiri, Consultant Anesthetist

Our hospital has Surgical &Medical Intensive Care Units which provide advanced, personalized care for patients. Surgical ICU is situated near the surgical complex enabling easy access in an emergency situation.

Our 3-bed HDU is for patients with conditions that do not need intensive care, but do require specialized monitoring, nursing and resources.

Surgical & Medical ICU

 AdmissionInpatient DaysBOR 2010ADOS
Surgical ICU
Year 20084621679923.6
Year 20094471654913.7
Year 201044018411014.2
Year 201147020341114.3
Year 201262022401023.6
Medical ICU
Year 20082041343926.6
Year 20092391299895.4
Year 20102661356935.1
Year 20112971156793.9
Year 20122331374945.9